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The practice of using female tour guides on buses first started in Japan on the Beppu ‘Hell Tour’ route. Since before world war two and until the present day, a number of modern tourist attractions have been developed in Beppu. You can enjoy charming performances by sea otters and walruses at ‘Umitamago’ aquarium. You can also be entertained by wildlife up close at ‘African Safari’ and ‘Mt. Takasaki Monkey Park’. The city is filled with interesting attractions like these which can be enjoyed by everyone.

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The central characteristic of hot springs in Beppu is their mineral content. The volume of water for hot spring bathing is the second largest in the world after Yellowstone National Park in the USA, despite the fact that Yellowstone is 70 times larger than Beppu. Of the eleven types of hot spring in the world, ten can be found in Beppu. The exception is the radium hot spring. There are many different ways of using hot springs as well as different bathing styles. Going back to the Kamakura era, the earliest bathing style was the hot iron steam bath. Beachside sand baths and the world largest outdoor baths became popular during the Meiji era. Hot spring water is used for generating power, making ‘yunohana’ (a kind of bathing salt), growing flowers and heating homes. Beppu hot springs are commonly known as “Beppu Hatto”, a collection of eight hot spring areas. Most hot springs in the city draw their water from the areas of Beppu, Kanawa, Kankaiji, Myoban, Kamegawa, Shibaseki, Horita and Hamawaki. The mineral quality of the water in each area is different and people can enjoy various types of hot springs facilities from indoor complexes to outdoor pools in natural areas.


By JR (Japan Railway)

  • [From]Tokyo(Transfer at Kokura) [To]Beppu [Line]Sanyo Shinkansen/Nippo Main Line [Required Time]5hrs. 40min.
  • [From]Shin Osaka(Transfer at Kokura) [To]Beppu [Line]Sanyo Shinkansen/Nippo Main Line [Required Time]3hrs. 10min.
  • [From]Hakata [To]Beppu [Line]Nippo Main Line [Required Time]1hr. 55min.
  • [From]Kokura [To]Beppu [Line]Nippo Main Line [Required Time]1hr. 10min.
  • [From]Kurume [To]Beppu [Line]Kyudai Main Line [Required Time]2hrs. 40min.
  • [From]Kumamoto [To]Beppu [Line]Hohi Main Line [Required Time]2hrs. 50min.
  • [From]Miyazaki [To]Beppu [Line]Nippo Main Line [Required Time]3hrs. 30min.

By Air (Landing at Oita Airport)

  • [From]Haneda(Tokyo), Big Bird [To]Oita [Line] ANA JAL SNJ [Required Time]1hr. 40min.
  • [From]Chubu International(Nagoya), Centrair [To]Oita [Line] ANA [Required Time]1hr. 15min.
  • [From]Itami(Osaka), Osaka International [To]Oita [Line] ANA JEX [Required Time]1hr.

By Ferry

  • [From]Osaka Nanko (Osaka) [To]Beppu Kokusai (International) Tourist Port [Line] Ferry-Sunflower Co., Ltd. [Required Time]11hrs. 40min.
  • [From]Yahatahama(Ehime) [To]Beppu Kokusai (International) Tourist Port [Line] Uwajima Unyu Co., Ltd. [Required Time]2hrs. 40min.

By Highway Bus

Nonstop Bus for Oita Airport

By Car

  • [From]Fukuoka [Route]Oita Expwy [To]Beppu [Distance]143km [Required Time]1hr. 50min.
  • [From]Kokura [Route]Hokudai Road & Route 10 [To]Beppu [Distance]90km [Required Time]1hr. 40min.
  • [From]Kumamoto [Route]Yamanami Hwy [To]Beppu [Distance]147km [Required Time]3hrs.
  • [From]Oita Airport [Route]Route10 & Oita Airport Expwy [To]Beppu [Distance]40.5km [Required Time]40min.
  • [From]Oita [Route]Route10 [To]Beppu [Distance]12km [Required Time]20min.

Manners You Must Know to Enjoy Beppu.


Flush the toilet paper.

Do not flush any other kind of waste.

Sit properly on the toilet seat.


Do not put towels in the bath.

Enter the bath quietly.

Dry your body before entering the changing room.

Keep your clothes together in one place.

Sit down when you shampoo yourself.